Love for this music isn’t something you develop, it comes from within. At the age of twelve I got my first set of turntables and started experimenting with Hard Dance music. At that time I was known by my alias Da Lucci and was spinning Oldschool, Early-rave and Happy Hardcore music. In 2001 I fell in love with hardstyle for the first time. Legends like Dana, Pavo, and Luna were playing that "new sound". It was fresh and energetic.

As the years went by Hardstyle evolved and the love for this genre became bigger than ever. That’s when I realized that playing other people’s tracks just wasn’t enough, I wanted to produce my own sound. Speakerfreakz was born.

Throughout my career I’ve been able to experience many different styles, and I have loved them all. I don’t want any boundaries, I just want to play kickass tracks no matter what genre they are.

Playing that "Freestyle way" brought me to where I am today. I’m blessed to have played at big festivals such as Dance Valley, Ground Zero, Wildness Festival, Hardclassics on the Beach, Pleasure Island and Beat the Bridge, but there’s still so much out there left to achieve.

In the meantime I’ll keep doing what I love and keep loving what I do.

But most importantly: "No more thinking inside the box!!!"


For bookings, questions or other messages don't be afraid to shoot me an e-mail!